Does Walmart hire felons get Answer of your Question

By | January 20, 2017

Does Walmart hire felons or not?

Walmart is a very big organization. Walmart opened their first store in 1992. They started their business with an idea that is selling more for less. They have more than 11500 stores in 28 countries. In 2016 Walmart revenue was $481.1 billion. Many felonies ask one question that does Walmart hire felons or not? When a person has been convicted of any major crime than it declared as a felony. It is tough for a felony to get hired by a recognized company but everyone deserves a second chance.

Does Walmart hire felons

Does Walmart hire felons and How far does WalMart background check go

Yes, they do.

The answer is yes Walmart hire felonies but not every felony hired by Walmart. It also depends on the type of felony or the position you are going to apply. Walmart is one from those companies that hire felons. As Walmart is a big company so the hiring process includes the background check. They do a background check. Walmart background check process also includes a global background check and for that, they hire third parties company. The process takes 5 to 10 business days. Then the global company do the background check and send details to Walmart. Than Walmart take actions on it. So don’t lie they will catch you. Whether you answer all questions honestly they will do the background check so It is better to say the truth.

You can start your career with Walmart with a positive thinking. If you don’t get hired. Don’t down your moral as I said above everyone deserve a second chance. There are many companies that are ready to help for felons by giving them a job. At least you have to give a try. What will happen if you try maybe you selected and got a job, don’t worry if not selected. There are many jobs and better opportunities for you.

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